Our Why

Love Waterford is a faith based nonprofit, and we exist to show the extravagant LOVE of God to our community through year-round events, programs, and initiatives. All of the things we do to unify our community and meet needs are a reflection of our belief that Jesus lived a sinless life, died for our salvation, and rose from the dead. We do everything for his glory, and we love him because he first loved us - this was Jesus' first and greatest commandment. 

Jesus is our why.

All of our events and programs are open to the entire community, regardless of anyone's personal beliefs. Jesus was welcoming and inclusive, and so are we. Because we have experienced the unfailing, relentless, perfect love of God, we feel a great call to share that love with our community. The events, programs, and initiatives we lead are designed to bring unity to our community and meet needs that will improve our home. It is our hope that the work we do will inspire people in our to love each other through connecting, participating, giving, and serving. 



Our mission is to inspire our community to love each other through connecting, participating, giving, and serving.



We value and believe in collaboration with congregations, nonprofits, businesses, and community members as the way to serve.


We value community engagement and work to come together as one.


We value and are motivated by our love for God and His example of service to others.


We value diversity and inclusivity of thought, gender, race, ethnicity, and socio-economic status.


We value, respect, and understand that equity is not equality. We see equity as meeting people where they are in life and understanding that that starting point will be different for everyone.


We value being honest and doing what is right over what is comfortable.


We value service to all parts of our community in all ways possible.



Our vision is for a community that lifts each other up, values one another, and seeks to help where help is needed.